Baldacci Promotions provides you with qualified, knowledgeable, and result-oriented professionals. We know these events cannot be successful without the leadership of an experienced motivated and focused management team. Our sales teams are second to none. They are knowledgeable, qualified, and result-oriented professionals, that we match exclusively for your business and event. We do not believe in employing order-takers, we believe in empowering order-makers! Our systems will guarantee that your customers will walk out of the store feeling that their sales representative cared about their experience and that they addressed their needs in every room of their house.

Floor Manager

Our managers are specifically trained for high impact events. They arrive 7-10 days ahead of time to start working on things for the event, to familiarize themselves with your store and your employees. On their first day there, they will meet with you and make sure they personally understand what it is you are trying to achieve during this event. Their main job is during their time in your store is to ensure your event is successful and profitable. Our managers work the floor; they do not sit back and let the sales come to them. They are constantly roaming the showroom and working with all guests to ensure each guest is greeted and sales are being closed. They conduct sales training meetings before and during the event to keep everyone, your staff and ours, fresh and ensuring that our system is being worked properly.

Sales Associates

Baldacci Promotions attains only highly motivated professionals with positive attitudes. We believe the best way to have a successful event is to have a staff that is energized and dedicated to achieve results. They are independent contractors who work for commission only. They are dedicated specifically to your store and event. We supply the right amount of sales professionals suited to your store size and volume. We ensure we always have as many people necessary to cover the customers coming through your doors.

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