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Stan Basista – Basista Furniture Contact US If you would have told me
there would be 128 people standing
in line the first day, I would have
told you it was impossible.
Ryan Moody - Southern Creek Rustic Furnishings In 3 months we did over 2 years'
worth of business.
Toni Castoro – Hampstead Furniture If you're looking for an honest,
ethical, and professional company that
produces results, choose Baldacci Promotions.

We work with clients that range from small, local, single store family-owned to large multi-chain furniture store brands across the entire United States.


BPI harnesses decades of expertise with proven results.


Experienced Team

Our experienced and professional team of talented marketing and sales managers will personalize a business plan tailored to the promotional event. Not only do we conduct successful events, we work closely with the company & customers to deliver excellent customer service to maintain a positive company image and reputation in your community.


Client Satisfaction

Every client of ours is our number one priority. We provide white-glove services with 1:1 interaction. Our top goal is to promote successful, positive events that will dramatically increase sales within a short period of time.

We strive to deliver the best services utilizing our skills and talent to generate the highest profit achievable.

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Choose Baldacci Promotions for your furniture promotions and high-impact events.

Baldacci Promotions is a trusted partner dedicated to servicing our clients over the last decade. We specialize in developing several promotional events to feature your store through successful marketing channels all designed to increase sales in short order. We have seen several companies make the difficult decision to close their doors. We know and understand the complexity behind making that decision. We want you to know that as much positivity as we bring to our high impact, cash raising events, we do the exact same thing for store closing events. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and integrity and hold these values as top priority before, during, and after each event.
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Our Professional Services


We have the means to tailor a promo solution to any business situation with our commitment to conduct a successful event tailored to fit your immediate needs.


Baldacci Promotions provides you with on-site qualified, knowledgeable, and result-oriented professionals. We know events cannot be successful without the leadership of an experienced motivated and focused management team.


Our marketing team works closely with you to develop a successful advertising campaign that will maximize every opportunity for sales and help you grab a larger part of the market share.


Sometimes it is necessary to replenish inventory to maximize profitability of an event. Baldacci Promotions works with only top name manufacturers we can trust.

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