This furniture store, as you can tell by its name, has a special place in the furniture market. Not only with the type of furniture it sells, but most of the furniture is special orders and knowing the product is a must to be able to sell it effectively. The owner has two of these specialty stores, the problem is, they are 130 miles apart and he also has a family he wants to spend time with as well. He chose to close the Hot Springs store so he could spend more time at home with his family. Keeping the reputation intact to ensure continued success with his clients in Pleasant Plains, during a 3 month event we wrote over 2 years of business.

Southern Creek, Hot Springs, AR

Without any other family members to take over the 97 year family business, Basista Furniture in Cleveland, Ohio decided that hiring a promotion company to go out with a final bang was their best decision. After talking with seven different promotion companies, they decided BPI was the most qualified and most honest to get the job done. After having 128 people standing in line opening day, the highest markup in their 97 year history, and selling over a years worth of volume in three months, you could see this was the best decision!

Basista Furniture, Cleveland, OH

After making the decision to retire, they decided that they wanted to go out with a promotion company to get the greatest profit possible. After much consideration and research, they chose Baldacci Promotions. BPI provided a system and implemented it strategically throughout the entire event. The manager showed up a week prior to starting and dealt with any challenges promptly and flawlessly. KJ also made adjustments as needed throughout the sale to make sure everything was a good fit. Baldacci Promotions finished the event way above what they were contracted to do and exceeded my expectations. If you’re looking for an honest, ethical, and professional company that produces results, I would recommend BPI every time.

Hampstead Furniture & Mattress, Hampstead, NC

After much consideration, BPI was contracted to assist with their store closing. From the very beginning, they were impressed with the way the BPI manager and the BPI salespeople dedicated themselves to the event. They placed constant focus on keeping the showroom fresh with weekly rearranges, along with taking direction from our inhouse. Through the combined effort, we were able to sweep the floor clean after the last day.

Atlantic Bedding & Furniture, Richmond, VA

When the hospital approached them about purchasing their property, they knew it would be a great time to do a store closing. The best sale business with a good reputation could ever have is a store closing sale, and they thought they might as well capitalize on that while on the way out. Baldacci Promotions assembles and sends in an experienced team to handle your event. They worked well within the existing setup and made everything run as smoothly as possible. From using their knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work, along with my knowledge of what brings my customers in best, they ended my store closing on a high note and did everything they promised.

Bargain Blowouts Furniture, Aiken, SC

After 5 decades of running family stores selling pool tables and home entertainment, Danny Vegh decided to retire and close one of his locations. They decided that Baldacci Promotions would be their best choice of making the most profit in a short period of time. Due to the overwhelming response in customers, they were very pleased with the outcome of the event and the amount of profit that was made.

Danny Vegh’s Billiards & Home, Mayfield Heights, OH

After impressive first time results in their Goodyear AZ location, this 9 chain store signed on BPI again for their 100 million dollar inventory sell off. The results were just as amazing in Scottsdale that plans are in the works for additional locations to continue this successful partnership.


The first event went so well, BPI was invited back to Goodyear for their 100 million dollar inventory sell off event. No surprise that the huge success of this event at both Goodyear and Scottsdale locations has cemented a partnership for future events to come in several of their 9 store locations.


With 17 stores, the grand opening of their new Fargo, ND location proved successful with the help of BPI. Previous relationship with Collins Furniture provided the chance to show that the years of knowledge, experience, and dedication to excellence that BPI has developed, gets you the results you need. Take the guess work out of your next promotion and go with a proven winner!


Back again for the $500 million dollar national sale and clearance event in what has become a partnership like no other. This 3rd event for this four chain Ashley furniture homestores produced record breaking numbers in one of the most competitive markets in the northeast. With the help of BPI, this 4 chain AFHS is growing with the opening of several new locations on the way! Two more Ashley locations added to the list when conducting the $500 Million Dollar National Sale and Clearance Event. BPI’s managers and sales teams were able to produce outstanding numbers in these locations as well.


This highly respected family owned and operated store has been a staple in the local community for many generations. BPI has been brought in to help increase sales volume and secure a larger part of the market share. Due to the overwhelming response from customers and sales volume increases beyond expectations, the event has been extended and is steadily putting up increases. This is truly a great partnership!


When the decision was made to close their Concord Location, BPI was called back in to make this store closing a big success. The totals here prove that BPI is a great partnership with numbers beating their combined three existing stores! From Grand Openings to Store Closings, BPI has the experience needed for success!


The large and highly respected Ashley Furniture Home Store chain has teamed with BPI to hold their annual high impact sales event. With BPI’s experienced management and sales team, the event has started off with a bang putting sales volume above expectations. Sales during this event will surely continue to reach new heights!

ASHLEY FURNITURE (Delaware and Maryland)

Furniture Home Store recently made the painful decision to close their family owned store. BPI went in and completed the enormous task of not only closing down their store and removing all their goods, but did it successfully. BPI understands that just because they closed this chapter of their lives, they were still going to remain active in the community and wanted to make sure their Going Out of Business event was conducted with success and respect towards their neighbors.


After over a decade in business, the store owners wanted to discuss a possible event. They chose BPI to help them with their event. BPI was able to supply two managers to help with both of their locations. Both managers and store owners worked together great helping to ensure a successful event.


The before and after pictures tell the entire story. This company had too much inventory and needed to hire someone who could move it and move it quick for them. They rented this offsite location and filled it full of their inventory and the rest is history. Their merchandise has flown out of this location and our sales team is making sure there won’t be any left for them to move back once the event ends.


Baldacci Promotions has once again been trusted with the Ashley Homestore name. We have once again blown the goals away. We are called back year after year because we understand that the Ashley Furniture brand must remain that of a world class furniture manufacturer and we pride ourselves on helping them maintain that.

Ashley Furniture (New York)

As a deeply rooted family business, Nations turned to Baldacci Promotions because of our ability to work closely with family ran operations and our great understanding of keeping their reputation in tact once we are gone. With just under 12 weeks, we doubled expected projections.

Nations Furniture, (Connecticut)

Hearn furniture has had ties in Smithfield, VA for over 100 years when their great-grandfather Jack Hearn operated J.T. Hearn Furniture. After working with other promoters in the past, Craig Hearn chose Baldacci Promotions to close their doors forever. After 12 weeks, we more than doubled their yearly volume. We were able to leave them with $0 IN INVENTORY and the reputation they have prided themselves on for many years, “A furniture family you can depend on!”

Hearn Furniture, Smithfield, VA

Coomer Furniture had been in business for 43 years and had gotten to the point where they wanted to retire but, keep their good name intact. Coomer Furniture ultimately chose Baldacci because they took the time to explain things and heard what their concerns were. Each morning there were lines at the door waiting to get in the store. In 3 months, they did 2 years’ worth of business.

Coomer Furniture, Lebanon, OH

Skeptical of promotion companies, the owner of this store met with a few different companies before making up his mind. After meeting with BPI, he said that it was a no brainer and that we took a lot of the worry and skepticism away. The event started off strong and will end on a high note as well.

Atlantic Bedding & Furniture, Jacksonville, NC

BPI not only cleared out a warehouse full of merchandise to four sister stores with completely different names, within a 25 miles radius, and in a resort area, but also did it extremely successfully. Off season in resort areas are extremely trying for furniture stores, however we were able to make it happen. We started at just the right time and kept the momentum going. We exceeded the expectations of everyone.

Donaway Furniture, Furnish Again, Holt Furnishings, Bethany Resort Furnishings, MD and DE

This small little downtown store had been up against the big box stores and they knew they couldn’t do it any longer. However, they were worried they were too small for a furniture promotion company to help them. BPI came in and in their first four days were able to do their monthly numbers. After the event had ended, BPI helped do over a years worth of volume in just 12 weeks.

Main Street Furniture & Mattress, Farmville, VA

After the huge success of their retirement event, the owners came to BPI and asked if they could help with one of their new store’s Grand Opening events. This would be in a market that they hadn’t really established yet and needed the help getting their name out there. BPI gladly accepted the challenge. The event has gotten off to a great start, both parties are extremely happy with the outcome of this Grand Opening.

Beds & Such Final Mark Down, Columbia, SC

Priding itself in being a family owned business, but wanting to make a celebration out of a family member retiring from the business, they looked for help. Beds & Such picked BPI, because their reputation is a key factor to them; they are BBB accredited and wanted to ensure that it stayed that way. The owner and BPI were able to work together so that customers didn’t notice much of a change, the only change was the increase in sales during the event.

Beds & Such, West Columbia, SC

When these store owners knew that it had come time to close their doors, they were skeptical if a furniture promotion company could really help them. Especially adding the mix of appliances that they had, they worried it would be too much of a headache. Everything went just fine. BPI has some of the best sales people in the industry and know who to place in what events to help make each event a success.

DeSears Appliance, Furniture & Mattress, Sarasota, FL

This 75 year old family owned business still has a lot of life left in it! They’ve never run any type of event before, but they wanted to move through some of their merchandise and they wanted to do it quickly. They hired Baldacci Promotions to help them to accomplish this task at both of their locations. The event proved to be a success and their goals were accomplished!

Raley’s Home Furnishings, Lexington Park and Waldorf, MD

In a family owned furniture store for 35 years, they were presented with a buyer and had to sell out fast! From the recommendation from a friend, they contacted BPI. They were hesitant to contract with us because they had never used a promotion company before. In three months, they did almost the previous two years combined, exceeding our projections. By the time it was all over, the building was broom swept clean.

The Furniture Warehouse (Virginia)

With BPI doing many successful Atlantic Bedding and Furniture stores in other states, it was an easy decision for Atlantic Bedding and Furniture in Jacksonville, Florida to choose BPI. After all was said and done, they ended up exceeding everyone’s expectations, including BPIs projections, and did well over a years’ worth of business during the event. BPI’s manager trained their staff to increase their selling margins, he was crucial to making this event as successful as it was. The store owner and everyone involved were very pleased with the outcome. As you can see from just a section of the showroom, BPI was able to completely clear out their store.

Atlantic Bedding and Furniture, Jacksonville, FL