Promotional Event

Baldacci Promotions has the means to provide you the solution to any situation. We are committed to using our expertise to conduct a successful event tailored to fit your business. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, integrity and drive. We strive to promote high impact events that can increase sales by double and sometimes triple in a short period of time, all the while positively meeting yours and your customer’s needs. Our top priority is to apply our skills and talent to each event to generate the highest profit achievable for you.
Furniture Promotion events are not just for stores that are struggling, can’t get back in the black, or are looking to close their doors. It’s quite the opposite actually. The majority of our business is running yearly events with some of the largest stores in the country. Due to overwhelming success, our clients anticipate these events each year. Our cash raising events are designed to help increase sales volume and cash flow by capturing a greater market share. These events help move old/unwanted merchandise. We have started using a phrase that one of our clients said to us during one of our meetings, he said, “I didn’t want to have to hire you as a going out of business company, so I am hoping you can help during some of our slower months.” That has stuck with us and we now tell our clients, “Don’t wait to know us as a GOB Company”. With that being said, if you are looking to close your doors, for whatever reason, you can rest assured in knowing that Baldacci Promotions will conduct your event with the utmost professionalism and positivity. Your reputation during a closing is as important to us as is our own. Closing events are designed to leave your floors and warehouse empty. We are capable of bringing in as much furniture that is needed to make your closing an absolute success, but our main priority is clearing out your inventory first. We have designed our system so that no matter how much of our inventory is left unsold by the end of the event, you don’t owe us a dime. Our inventory is brought in on a true consignment, you only pay for what is sold.
  • Cash Raising/High Impact Event Themes: Warehouse Liquidation, Grand Opening, Remodeling, Manufacturer Clear Outs, etc.
  • Closing Themes: Store Closing, Retirement, Going Out of Business, Bankruptcy

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