We are experts in furniture promotion events and know what will drive urgent attention to your event. Our advertising campaigns are designed to create advertise urgency, not distress. Our sales system is designed this way as well. The entire sales staff will know the message that is running during your campaign and when a customer walks into the store, the same message will by conveyed to them by all sales associates.
We begin working on your initial advertising campaign well before the event starts. We start working with you immediately on your message and the targeted areas for your event. Our team works closely with you to come up with a successful advertising campaign that will maximize every opportunity for sales and help you grab a greater part of the market share. You will approve any and all advertising before it is published, this includes verbiage to designs, you will be able to approve it all.
Throughout the event we are constantly evaluating the traffic from all advertising sources and adjust the weekly budgets accordingly. We only advertise in the media’s that pull the strongest traffic in your market areas. We work with the best in the business to produce a strategic campaign that will be most effect for your market. We are able to put campaigns together that include everything from print, digital, signs, television, to billboards. Our advertising team works closely with the floor managers to ensure a successful campaign.
Our advertising team works closely not only with you but the floor manager as well to ensure a successful campaign. The floor manager will enter in on a daily and weekly report where the sales are being generated from. You will be able to see your return on investment for each advertising category throughout the entire event.

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